We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our Annual Conference! Please see the attached flyer along for all details. Mr. Ciesynski will be emailing each Administrative Assistant a conference registration Google Sheet customized for individual Districts. See you there! https://5il.co/1fnqz
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Click on the following link to learn more about the upcoming NASB Annual Conference and the partnership opportunities associated with it! https://www.nvasb.org/article/771511
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Click on the following link to view the Nevada Association of School Superintendents 2022-2023 meeting calendar: https://5il.co/1d54h
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Nevada Superintendent News: The Nevada Association of School Boards would like to take this time to recognize Dr. Kristen McNeill from the Washoe County School District and Richard Stokes from Carson City School District who are both retiring at the end of this school year. Both Mr. Stokes and Dr. McNeill have worked tirelessly for the betterment of the students and the communities that they have respectively served for many years. It is the hope of NASB that they both enjoy this next chapter in their lives. Thank you both for your dedicated service. NASB would also like to take this time to welcome new Superintendents Mr. Andrew Feuling and Dr. Susan Enfield . Mr. Feuling continues on with Carson City School District having been their fiscal services director for many years. Dr. Enfield comes to the Washoe County School District from the Highline Public Schools in the state of Washington where she is currently their Superintendent. NASB would like to congratulate Dr. Enfield and Mr. Feuling on their Superintendent appointments and wish them the best as they continue the important work ahead.
3 months ago, Tom Ciesynski
NASB President Kathryn Whitaker is introduced at the NSBA National Conference in San Diego California. She joins the Association Presidents fo\rom around the country. Leadership matters, and these leaders make an impact!
4 months ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
NSBA Presidents
The April issue of American School Board Journal spotlights NSBA's 28th annual Magna Awards program. This year's award winners represent the enormous efforts of school leaders and district staff to create innovative programs: More here https://nsba.org/ASBJ/2022/april
5 months ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
ASBJ cover
School Board Members should work as a Team It’s critical that your board function as a highly effective team, together with the superintendent. Effective school boards empower superintendents to provide administration and management of the school district. When trustees publicly question the authority and decisions of the superintendent, it undermines the work of the district and threatens public confidence in the school system. If the superintendent isn’t doing a great job or not doing what the board as a whole wants, whose fault is that? Sometimes, the board has either failed to hire the right person or hasn’t given clear and specific goals and direction to the superintendent.
5 months ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
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As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, express gratitude for the abundance you have in you life, for the joy that you share with those you serve and acknowledge the opportunities you have. Happy Thanksgiving!
9 months ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
Fall leaves Happy Thanksgiving
Today we celebrate the workers who built this country. Thank you to our teachers, administrators, staff and school board members, for continuing to build it's foundation! #LaborDay
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US with workers in front
Have a safe and joyous back to school week!
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School Board Recalls Force Contentious Fights About Race, Virus Politics On Local Stages US News & World Report (7/12, Camera) People don’t like wearing masks. Or they don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID-19. They’re mad about being holed up at home with their kids, and they’re nervous about the national discussion of race relations. Those are conflicts that affect policy discussions and campaigns at the national and state level. But mostly conservative activists are now taking the effort way down the ticket, targeting school board members and trying to replace the largely volunteer panels with people more sympathetic to their views, experts say.
about 1 year ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
There is much information and misinformation about CRT. Please use this link see this resource from the Edweek Spotlight to inform you views on this now very public topic. https://bit.ly/EdWeekCRT
about 1 year ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
EdWeek Critical Race Theory
No school board has been immune to the new pressures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, though some members have borne the brunt of rising tensions. State school boards associations can help boards navigate differences. Read the article here https://bit.ly/sbunderpressure
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A big shout out to the NASB Legislative Advisory Committee!
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Thank you Leg Committee
Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2021!
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mortarboards toss
Sine Die of the 2021 Legislative Session 2021
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NV Senate Chamber
Today we recognize and honor those who selflessly gave their lives to defend our great nation.
about 1 year ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
Today we recognize and honor those who selflessly gave their lives to defend our great nation.
Carol Hanson of the Lincoln County School Board receives her Board Member of the Year Award at the Governance Training session in Las Vegas. Congratulations Carol and thank you for your dedication to students of Nevada!
about 1 year ago, Dr. Debb Oliver
Carol Hanson, Debb Oliver
"CDC recommends schools continue to use the current COVID-19 prevention strategies for the 2020-2021 school year," the CDC announced on Saturday. "All schools should implement and layer prevention strategies and should prioritize universal and correct use of masks and physical distancing."
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Join in the conversation to support safe and inclusive school climates. Join us at the Equity Online Symposium July 13-14. Registration is open! #NSBAEquity https://nsba.org/Events/Equity-Online-Symposium-2021-Summer
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Equity Symposium with smiling young man