Please let us know if you are interested in serving on the Teachers and Leaders Council (TLC). The council is made of 16 members, two of which are members of boards of trustees of school districts who are nominated by the Nevada Association of School Boards and then selected and appointed by the Governor (NRS 391.455). The Teachers and Leaders Council makes recommendations to the State Board relating to a statewide performance evaluation system that ensures that teachers, administrators, counselors, librarians, and other licensed educational personnel employed by school districts are evaluated using multiple, fair, timely, rigorous, and valid methods including evaluations based on student achievement data; that they are given a meaningful opportunity to improve their effectiveness through professional development; and that they are provided the means to share effective educational methods with their peers. The appointment is for a 3 year-term, and the member will be expected to attend 4-5 meetings per year (currently conducted virtually). More information about the TLC can be found on the TLC website: If you are interested and have at least 3 years left on your term, please email Kathryn Whitaker and Rick Harris by June 14, 2023.
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Save the Date NASB Day at the Nevada Legislature March 10, 2023, 401 S. Carson St, Carson City, NV 89701 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM
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Save the Date
NASB Orientation, Part III, March 11, 2023, Staybridge Suites, 972 Retail Ct, Carson City, NV If you are planning on attending this workshop and want to stay at the Staybridge, Suites, reservations must be made by February 13, 2023. Administrative Assistants have the booking link.
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Save the Date! Our annual conference will be December 1 & 2 at the Westin Lake Las Vegas
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Westin Lake Las Vegas
Board Members from across all of Nevada attended the NASB Orientation II workshop in Reno. The workshop focused on many topics including preventing and identifying violence in schools.
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Orientation ll
Don't forget about tomorrow's NASB Orientation, Part II session. We begin at 8:30am at the Aloft Hotel in Reno. See you there!
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hotel with NASB logo
Eagle Mark Savings Bank recognized by NASB For many years, Eagle Mark Savings Bank has made substantial donations to the Carson City School District directed to benefit students in the McKinney-Vento Program, who are students in transition who lack stable housing. This year Eagle Mark Savings Bank requested a meeting with the new McKinney-Vento director to address the current needs. Director Christie Perkins explained the lack of affordable housing for unaccompanied youth, and that since the pandemic, Carson City had the highest yet number of unaccompanied youths. After the meeting, Eagle Mark Savings Bank surprised Carson City with a donation of $50,000 (5 times the amount of previous years) and directed Carson to use the donation to provide stable housing for unaccompanied youth. Through their donation, the district partnered with Spirit of Hope and secured stable housing for 5 unaccompanied students. Eagle Mark’s generosity allows these students to have stability and focus on graduation and future goals. Additionally, Eagle Mark Savings Bank generously sponsored approximately 150 students in the district’s JumpStart program. This funding will open doors for students to earn college credit and graduate from high school with their associate’s degree—many who are first generation college students. Eagle Mark Savings Bank/Harley Davidson saw a need for students in the community and stepped up to literally change the lives of students in Nevada. NASB is grateful to recognize Eagle Mark Savings Bank/Harley Davidson as a Friend of K-12 Education.
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Eagle Mark Savings Bank recognized by NASB
This year’s NASB Board Support Staff Person of the Year award goes to Jennifer “JJ” Batchelder, who serves as the Board Service Coordinator in Washoe County. Mrs. Batchelder has served in this position since 2013 and is an expert in the role. Her knowledge and ability to recall or research previous Board activities provides outstanding support to the Board of Trustees and her community. She is exceptionally organized—she manages and supports Board meetings, policy meetings, and committee meetings. She coordinated the virtual meetings and the transition back to in-person meetings. She promoted an online public comment process that makes hundreds of public comment emails available to board members as well as the public to further the district’s efforts to be accountable and transparent. Mrs. Batchelder accomplished this while also coordinating in- person public comments, taking minutes, and providing support during meetings. Moreover, Mrs. Batchelder treats everyone—trustees, community members, and staff—with respect and concern. For her contributions to the Washoe County School District, the board members, the superintendent, the staff members, students, families and community members, JJ Batchelder is the NASB Board Support Staff Person of the Year.
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JJ Batchelder Recognized as NASB Board Support Staff Person of the Year
NASB held their September joint meeting of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors last Friday. The meeting was very productive and busy with legislative updates, analysis and review of three different bylaws, numerous reports, and building the first draft of the calendar for 2023.
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Group Picture
15 of the 17 School Districts in Nevada were represented at the professional learning opportunity in Las Vegas over the weekend. Collaborating and focusing on the importance of positive board relationships were some of the highlights. Check out the team photo!
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Group Picture
Sarah Roberson, Senior Education Advisor for Apptegy had a dynamic presentation at NASB recent professional learning opportunity in Las Vegas that focused on best practices for Marketing and Branding.
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Sarah Roberson
NASB had a fantastic workshop this weekend with four of our past Presidents sharing ideas and strategies. Thank you Wade Poulsen, Stacie Wilke, Bridget Peterson, and Laurel Crossman.
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Stacie Wilke, Bridget Peterson, Laurel Crossman and Wade Poulsen,   Laurel Crossman
Whether you are a School Board that is functioning at a high level or a School Board trying to move forward after the rough years with the pandemic and other challenges, the key is to not live in the past but to look forward with possibility and create the future. We want to provide Board members with positive tools: positive authors, inspirational stories, positive websites, and positive ideas. This month we are recognizing the dynamic author, Jon Gordon. Mr. Gordon’s books focus on leadership, culture, and teamwork. The Energy Bus and The No Complaining Rule are two of his best books and were both bestsellers.
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book cover for Jon Gordon's novel, the energy bus - 10 rules to fuel your life, work, and team with positive energy
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Angela McVicars - White Pine Country School District School Board Member. I have 3 kids, a junior, a freshman, and a 6th grader. I ran for school board to make things better for not only my kids, but for all kids in White Pine County School District! My full time day job is doing hair. I have been the board chair for the past 3 years. I am in my 2nd term and still feel like I’m learning. It was a very steep learning curve. I quickly learned after joining the board that there are many things as a board member we don’t control. The state has many mandates and laws that are passed down to us to implement into our district and policies. WPCSD has been a great place to be during the last few years and the pandemic, I feel very fortunate that our students have been able to stay in school full time with little disruption in learning.
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headshot of angela mcvicars
Click on the following link to view the Nevada Association of School Superintendents 2022-2023 meeting calendar:
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Nevada Superintendent News: The Nevada Association of School Boards would like to take this time to recognize Dr. Kristen McNeill from the Washoe County School District and Richard Stokes from Carson City School District who are both retiring at the end of this school year. Both Mr. Stokes and Dr. McNeill have worked tirelessly for the betterment of the students and the communities that they have respectively served for many years. It is the hope of NASB that they both enjoy this next chapter in their lives. Thank you both for your dedicated service. NASB would also like to take this time to welcome new Superintendents Mr. Andrew Feuling and Dr. Susan Enfield . Mr. Feuling continues on with Carson City School District having been their fiscal services director for many years. Dr. Enfield comes to the Washoe County School District from the Highline Public Schools in the state of Washington where she is currently their Superintendent. NASB would like to congratulate Dr. Enfield and Mr. Feuling on their Superintendent appointments and wish them the best as they continue the important work ahead.
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NASB President Kathryn Whitaker is introduced at the NSBA National Conference in San Diego California. She joins the Association Presidents fo\rom around the country. Leadership matters, and these leaders make an impact!
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NSBA Presidents
The April issue of American School Board Journal spotlights NSBA's 28th annual Magna Awards program. This year's award winners represent the enormous efforts of school leaders and district staff to create innovative programs: More here
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ASBJ cover
School Board Members should work as a Team It’s critical that your board function as a highly effective team, together with the superintendent. Effective school boards empower superintendents to provide administration and management of the school district. When trustees publicly question the authority and decisions of the superintendent, it undermines the work of the district and threatens public confidence in the school system. If the superintendent isn’t doing a great job or not doing what the board as a whole wants, whose fault is that? Sometimes, the board has either failed to hire the right person or hasn’t given clear and specific goals and direction to the superintendent.
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little people holding team
As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, express gratitude for the abundance you have in you life, for the joy that you share with those you serve and acknowledge the opportunities you have. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Fall leaves Happy Thanksgiving