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This system includes all NASB provided training completed after September 2022. If Trustees complete training outside of NASB, please click here to submit documentation to Rick Harris via email.

Any training complete before September 2022, can be accessed through Extended Studies, University of Nevada, Reno. You may email them by clicking here.

Special recognition to all members who have completed the Certified Public officials Training:

Laurel Crossman
Mike Walker
Matt Hyde
Tricia Strasdin
Kathryn Whitaker
Linda Gilkerson
Carey Kangas
Trisha Hafer
Nicole Bengochea
Wade Poulsen

Peggy Rowe
Bridget Peterson
Holly Villines
James Evans
Michael Mancebo
Desiree Sealy
Candice Campeau
Angie McVicars
Shella Nicholes