Member Services

NASB provides services, information and training programs to support school board members as they govern their local districts. Membership benefits and solutions are designed to enhance school board effectiveness by helping board members increase their knowledge, boost their efficiency and connect with their communities. Below are some of the major services NASB provides. We provide additional services as needed.

Major Membership benefits & services

  • Direct member support

  • Policy leadership and support

  • Legal information and updates

  • Advocacy and lobbying

  • Publications

  • Peer learning and networking

  • Board governance support

  • Engagement and partnership with education stakeholders

  • Annual State-Wide Conference

  • Leadership Academy

  • Professional Learning Workshops and Seminars

  • Member mentorship program

  • Boardbook

Training & Seminars

Training & Seminars
​for Professional Learning

Silver State

Silver State Governance




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Sponsor Directory

Sponsor Directory