M. Hansen and family on hike

1,000 feet below ground!

That is where you will find Mark Hansen during most weekdays. Mark works at the Nevada National Security Site which is 90 miles from Las Vegas. He is the Area VI Trustee and hails from Pocatello, Idaho. He graduated from Idaho State University and is the first person in his family to have an advanced degree. 

Mark has been on the school board at Nye County for 7 years. He decided to run for the school board so that he could have a bigger voice in the education of his children. He has been married to his wife, Kori for 24 years. They have four children. Two of his children have already graduated from Nye County School District and one in currently in middle school and one in high school.

Mark told us the best part of being a Trustee is learning about all the success the students are having. Both in the classroom and with activities and athletics. The most challenging part of serving on the board has been trying to work through all the complex noise and find the most important issues to focus on. He brings a calm demeanor and wisdom to the board meetings and is respected by everyone on the board.