Nevada Association of School Boards

News Release, July 17, 2022: 

The Nevada Association of School Boards Executive Committee and Board of Directors is pleased to announce the  hiring of Mr. Rick Harris as its new Executive Director. Mr.  Harris has over thirty-seven years of experience in Nevada   education. He started his career as a teacher and a coach at  Pershing County High School. The next twenty-five years he was with the Washoe County School District (WCSD),  steadily learning and progressing as a teacher, coach,  principal, curriculum coordinator, elementary senior director,  secondary senior director, deputy superintendent, and chief logistics and operations  officer. 

Throughout his career, Mr. Harris has established himself as a successful educator,  leader, and innovator who has set high standards for himself and others and ensured  the standards are met or exceeded. He established a nationally recognized Principal’s  Academy, implemented “vertical alignment” of schools, provided leadership in 

implementing response to intervention, initiated the transformation of Central Office  support to schools, and facilitated extensive mentoring programs. He served as the  co-director of the National Principal Initiative providing leadership, professional  development conferences and mentoring for district administrators and principals  across the county. He has successfully written, and was awarded, multiple grants and  secured donations. 

As the WCSD Deputy Superintendent, he was responsible for leading annual board  workshops, presented at most board meetings and assisted with on-boarding and  training new board members. Additionally, for the past six years he has worked  regularly with several school boards in the region. As the Chief Logistics and  Operations Officer, he created and facilitated a Process Performance Management  program for the Washoe County School District. This program intertwined a cutting edge business efficiency framework into action plans that provided accountability  and efficiency. He created and trained cross-functional teams that had representation  from all departments that utilize performance tools to improve communication and  services to schools and save money. 

By selecting Mr. Harris as the next Executive Director, NASB’s leadership has  selected an individual who will have a short learning curve in moving forward the  organization’s goals and objectives. For over thirty-seven years, he has demonstrated  the ability to lead and understand the complexities of all schools and school districts as a tireless advocate for education. 

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Harris as  NASB’s Executive Director as he begins his new job on August 1, 2022.