A message from President  Nicole Bengochea

Just like that, we are into the summer months. I did not think we would ever see the end of winter this year. Trees, flowers, bushes and all the plants are blooming and showing us just exactly how wonderful things can be again. The past few years have been hard for all of us, especially school board members, so I hope you can all take a moment and remember why you are here doing this work. It can be thankless and overwhelming at times, but worth it in the end. As a state, we are fortunate to be so small and united. We get to help each other with the work and guide each other as we go through this journey. In the end, we are all here for the students in our state. I want to thank each of you for your hard work and dedication. 


As we close the end of the legislative session it is important to know that there has been a huge amount of work on the back end by our legislative committee, executive director Rick Harris, Tom Ciesynski, as well as many members of our association. This session was the first that we had a legislative day for members which in turn ended up being a huge success. Although not everything worked in our favor this session, we will continue to do the work needed for education in Nevada.