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NASB Facilitated Current Openings

The following openings are openings in Nevada being held by the district:

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About the Superintendent Search Service

NASB is your one-stop-shop for superintendent searches. From helping your board become search ready, to launching a statewide or nationwide search, to assisting you with a smooth transition post-search – we’ve got you covered.

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Finding the right superintendent to lead a school district is one of the most important - and difficult - tasks a school board must accomplish. NASB helps local school boards find the best possible match for their unique district. 

The service NASB provides is distinguished from that of private consultants in two key ways:​

  • NASB works first and foremost for the board of education.

  • NASB seeks the best possible match for the distinctive needs of the district - one candidate does not fit all.

In a Typical Superintendent Search Project, NASB Will:

  • Identify and prioritize the board's needs and wishes for a new superintendent.

  • Engage staff and community members in a process to determine their desires for their next school district leader

  • Develop and distribute a promotional brochure about the position and district, and place state and national advertisements

  • Recruit potential candidates based on the profile identified by the board, staff and community

  • Provide a user-friendly online application system for all candidates

  • Work with the board to determine the best screening strategies to ensure a fair process to all candidates

  • Manage application files and correspondence with candidates with strict confidentiality

  • Work with the board to set up a complete interview process to guarantee a professional, thorough and legal interview procedure

  • At the boards request, assist the district in working with the news media during the process

  • At the board's request, NASB will conduct a first-year performance plan session with the superintendent and board after the superintendent is hired

Contact Dr. Debb Oliver for more information.