Nevada Association of School Boards


The Nevada Association of School Boards is a full-qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit Nevada corporation.


The Nevada Association of School Boards envisions a state where the public schools are widely recognized as the foundation of a free and democratic society, where local citizen governing boards are fully vested with the means to advance the best interests of their students and the public, and where the futures of all children are driven by their aspirations, not bounded by their circumstances.


NASB supports success for all students through local school board leadership.


Identifying Leadership Potential and Building Leadership Capacity on Local School Boards

• Advancing local control through an elected board with the authority to act on policy issues impacting school districts;

• Building collaborative relationships between local boards and other policymaking groups to ensure that all involved parties have the opportunity to comment and be involved in the process;

• Targeting professional development for new and veteran school board members with an emphasis on effective governance and policy development;

• Providing professional development specific to the needs of an individual board and communicating new information that will impact all school boards about federal and State initiatives;

• Recruiting and encouraging new candidates for school board positions; and

• Expanding mentoring opportunities.


Defining and Expanding Educational Advocacy

• Communicating more continuously and determinedly with legislators, other elected officials, and stakeholders on behalf of K-12 public education, including training for school board members to do so effectively;

• Supporting school board members in their outreach efforts to young people in their communities;

• Engaging with the general public to better educate everyone about the importance of public education and that a strong K-12 educational system improves the workforce, increases personal income, reduces social costs, and elevates home values;

• Providing a unified voice that represents school board members in all seventeen school districts;

• Promoting collaboration and teamwork between the Association and individual school board members;

• Defending funding, including individual district revenue streams and resources, eliminating unfunded mandates, and getting more resources for PK-12; and

• Supporting strategies for reforming curriculum including P20W.


More Efficiently Using Resources

• • Improving accountability and transparency for efficiently using resources; and

• Facilitating professional development for school boards regarding fiscal oversight and accountability.